What is “Bean-to-Bar”?

A “chocolatier” buys chocolate to make chocolate items: A “chocolate maker” creates that chocolate from cacao beans, then chocolatiers it.

Bean-to-bar (b2b) is a passion involving knowledge and craftsmanship to draw out unique flavors found naturally in good cacao. The process is complex and is adapted for each batch of beans. First, beans are hand-sorted for size and quality. Next, they’re roasted—enough to enhance natural flavors absorbed from local soil, water and climate (“terroir”), but not so much that flavors are destroyed. After, beans are cracked, then shells removed (“winnowed”) from nibs. Nibs are milled to release cocoa butter and pulverize cocoa solids, until a buttery-smooth “chocolate liquor” results (not to be confused with “chocolate liqueur”!). Finally, the chocolate liquor is tempered—a process of precise heating, cooling, and reheating to manipulate the crystal structure of the cocoa butter so that chocolate becomes firm, “snaps” when broken, and melts like butter on the tongue. Un-tempered chocolate just crumbles.

As a bean-to-bar chocolate maker I craft small-batch artisan chocolate, using makeshift equipment and muscle in place of industrial equipment. It takes several days to prepare a single batch; and from there it is aged. Chocolibrium uses only sustainably grown, ethically sourced cacao beans and sugar; and the collective passion of the farmers, sourcing team, and chocolate maker apprentices working with us. We hope you’ll explore the origins, and discover interesting and uncommon flavors in every piece.

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